Casio CT-X9000IN 61-Key Portable Keyboard with Touch response & Carry Case (Black)

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CT-X9000IN - Pump Up Your SOUND!
    • Combo offer of CT-X9000IN with CBC-700 Carry Case (Black Color)
    • 61 Piano Style Keys with the new and powerful AiX Sound Source offering multiple DSP’s and System Effects
    • 800 Tones (43 Indian) and 250 Rhythms (39 Indian) with Dedicated Examination Tones and Rhythm Banks
    • Indian Tones include newly added instruments like: Bulbul Tarang, Sarangi, Veena, Sitar Pad, Pakhawaj, Khol and much more
    • Equipped with 15W+15W speakers, CT-X9000IN offers powerful sound suitable for all performers alike
    • Comes with a Pendrive Port which can be used to play WAV files on loop and save all the data of the Keyboard
    • Direct Access buttons to switch across various tone and rhythms category
    • Extremely easy to use, CT-X9000IN comes with a new user interface giving access to all the important functions/features via On-Board Buttons
    • Navigate using the Jog-Dial Wheel, Keypad or Direct Access Buttons
    • Register your performance settings by using the 128 Registration Memory which comes along with on-board access to Freeze Function
    • Create your own Sounds or Rhythms by using the in-built Tone Editor and Pattern Sequencer
    • Tweak sound levels or add Digital Effects using the 42 Channel Mixer
    • Get access to instant musical gestures using the 4 Phrase Pads (25 Sets) with Recording Function
    • Advanced Rhythm Controller with 4 Variations/Fill-Ins, Features like Sync Start/Stop, Tap Start helps you add variations to your performances
    • 4 Layers/Split (2 Upper and 2 Lower) Function with Transpose and Octave Shift
    • Use the 17 Track Recorder and quickly capture your inspiration to create the next big hit
    • Connect to a PC or Mac using USB Midi Port without any drivers/installation and create music