Digitech Element - ELMTV-01 Guitar Processor

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  • The Element is a compact and powerful multi-effect processor. Using a simple pedalboard style layout and editor you can quickly adjust the settings to fit your style. With more the 52 different effects to choose from, the hours flying by as you explore and discover the incredible power and tone of the Element.
  • The Tone Bank and FX Bank each have 20 different tone and effects combinations so you can quickly and easily get any sound you want. It's like having a music store at your disposal.

    🎸 52 Effects: The Element has a total of 52 effects (12 amps, 9 cabinets, and 31 stompboxes) to choose from, giving you the ability to create your own unique sound.

    🔊 200 Presets: With 100 factory presets to build from and the ability to save up to 100 more custom presets, you can create and save your own custom sounds.

    🎛 Control Panel: The Element has a simple pedal board style layout and editor, allowing you to quickly adjust the settings to fit your style.


  • Effect Types : 52
  • 32 bit
  • 24-bit
  • 200
  • OUTPUT/PHONES (Stereo Standard)
  • 44.1 kHz