Pearl Primero Cajon PBC-123B TR (Tree of Life)

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The Pearl Primero Box Cajon features a MDF body and a Meranti faceplate.

With its built-in bass port and a set of fixed snare wires, the Pearl Primero Cajon delivers a wider range of percussion sounds than many other cajons.

The built-in bass port enhances the massive low-end tone while two sets of fixed snare wires provide a bright, crisp snare response.

The bass sound is deep and rich. And the snares add brightness and articulation, giving your box drum the sparkle it needs to hold its place in the mix.

For acoustic gigs and recording sessions, the Pearl Primero Cajon is an excellent performer.

The finish features a hand painted and silkscreened Tree of Life graphic which wraps around three sides of the body with a Black faceplate.


-MDF Resonating Body

-Meranti Wood Faceplate

-Enhanced Bass Post

-Internal Snare



19.25" (H) x 11.75" (W) x 11.75" (D)


Design / Colour : Tree of Life

Manufactured in Japan