Stranger PM40 Octopad/Keyboard/Guitar Amplifier

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The amplifier a musician uses is an incredibly important component of their rig, maybe just as important as the instrument they play.

Tone Control

The Stranger PM40 amp is a great choice when you don't need a ton of power, but you also don't want to sacrifice tone. It gives you tone control options: Bass & Treble +10db. It also comes with a digital echo effect onboard. It also has a line out for more connections.


This Stranger Amplifier is 40 Watts and comes with a 6"" Heavy Duty Speaker& Tweeter. It's compact Size, metal grill & plywood rexine finish lend it a classic look and light weight feel, so it can easily withstand being lugged from gig to gig.


Suitable for Guitar / Keyboard / Octopad

Specifications :

  • 3 Input 2 Channels for Guitar / Keyboard & 1 Mic.
  • Line Out – ¼” Jack for Unbalance
  • Headphone
  • Dimension: 235 (W) x 225 (D) x 335 (H) mm.
  • Weight: 6.200 Kgs.(approx.)
  • Classic look & feel light weight
  • 40 Watts. 6" Heavy Duty Speaker& Tweeter
  • Effect: Digital Echo
  • Mic. (Low Impedance), Aux for (Octopad / Keyboard) 1v/10K Ohms & Bass Guitar.
  • Tone Control: Bass & Treble +10db.
  • Compact Size, Metal Grill & Plywood Rexine Finish.
  • Power Supply: AC 220v 50 Hz.